Designed to be an inexpensive means of monitoring in areas where significant settlement or material displacement is expected. Settlement plates are mainly installed on existing ground surface prior to the building of an embankment.The system consists of a base plate, reference rod (riser) that can be attached via threaded couplings or using a client’s specific design.The base plate is placed on the ground with a section of riser attached then the ground and riser elevation is established prior to proceeding with placement of fill. These elevations will act as baseline readings and should be surveyed to a fixed datum well outside the embankment fill area to a known benchmark.Fill is then placed on the base plate and risers added until desired elevation is reached. Elevations of riser and fill should be monitored regularly throughout duration of fill placement and when a riser is added.The top of the riser is periodically surveyed after completion of embankment as the elevation will change as the base plate settles beneath the embankment over time.It is recommended that surveys should be taken to the greatest accuracy due to the normally small settlement process.

Pros : Ease of installation and Cost effective

Cons : Can be a hindrance in the filling process.

Zinc Plated: Plate 500 x 500mm c/w M10Ø risers 1500mm long
Galvanised/Wood: Plate 600 x 600mm Marine ply c/w rises 25mm x 900mm long
Special one off design. POA