Rotary Car Dumpers

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MAT-DS-0040 Railcar Dumping System

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For more than 125 years, Heyl & Patterson from HMA Materials Handling has been providing custom-engineered bulk transfer and thermal processing equipment solutions to industries worldwide. Combining cutting-edge technology with superior serviceability, as well as a commitment to meet and exceed our clients’ needs, HMA Materials Handling is well-positioned to provide new product solutions from Heyl & Patterson.

When it comes to efficiency, Heyl & Patterson’s solutions simplify work processes, save time and money and create a safer work environment. With Heyl & Patterson’s Railcar Dumping Systems, HMA Materials Handling can provide an intelligent design in a cost-effective, all-purpose workhorse.

Combining robust design and easy-to-erect components with innovative, customisable upgrade options such as mechanical and hydraulic car clamps, chain or rack and pinion drives with a variable frequency drive, Heyl & Patterson’s Railcar Dumping Systems from HMA Materials Handling are manufactured using three industry-leading design options, namely Rotary, Turnover or C-Shaped.
All are backed by engineering and service from inception to installation and through to operation. No matter where in the world your operations are located, and regardless of the payloads of today or the demands of tomorrow, Heyl & Patterson from HMA Materials Handling can provide you with precision-engineered products to ensure your business success.