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MAT-DS-0046 Trippers Travelling Stackers Ploughs

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HMA Materials Handling has designs for travelling trippers and belt ploughs to suit a variety of material types and belt configurations. In addition, HMA Materials Handling can custom-design a system to suit a particular customer requirement or application.

Ploughs from HMA Materials Handling are used to remove material from a moving belt conveyor for the purpose of diverting material onto a different circuit, remove unwanted material from a carry belt, or to move material onto a stockpile or bin. HMA Materials Handling has designs to suit different applications, including:

  • Raising of the conveyor belt to create a flat surface for a plough to swing down to from above, or
  • Scooped blade designs that match the profile of the material.

Discharge can be to either one or both sides. Actuation options available from HMA Materials Handling include electric, hydraulic or pneumatic. Ploughs offer a ~95% belt clearance rate and are a basic version of a tripper, as they can be fixed or travelling and are well-suited to price-critical applications.

Ploughs are designed to sit on top of the belt and include replaceable wear liners that are in contact with the belt to capture and redirect as much material as possible off the belt along the centreline of the conveyor, resulting in a smaller stockpile then the tripper. Belt and wear liner condition are critical to the ongoing performance of any plough system from HMA Materials Handling.