Mogensen Vibratory Screens from HMA Materials Handling can be fitted with:

  • Woven wire screen cloths in high-carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Perforated rubber screen cloths in various thicknesses, with round or square holes
  • Perforated plates in mild steel or abrasion-resistant steel, with round or square holes
  • Plastic mats in various proprietary brands, with round or square holes or slots.

Screens from HMA Materials Handling are powered by dust- and weatherproof electric out-of-balance Invicta vibrators, fitted with large roller bearings and totally enclosed to provide trouble-free drive for intermittent and continuously rated duties.

HMA Materials Handling recommends that additions to the screens in the form of hoppers, chutes, baffles, etc. should be discouraged in favour of statically-mounted methods. Extra parts attached to the screen structures result in less-efficient screening due to the reduced amplitude of vibration and possible damage to the screen due to resonance.