Mogensen Sizer

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The HMA Materials Handling Mogensen Sizer is a high-capacity screening unit proven in a wide range of industries around the world. The patented screen uses a compact, multi-deck design that can handle up to ten times more material than conventional screens occupying the same space. The Mogensen Sizer from HMA Materials Handling is used for many different industrial applications, including dry, moist and wet materials. Five standard widths are available, providing a range of capacities.

Five-deck Mogensen Sizers from HMA Materials Handling can make up to six products from a stream of feed material, while three-deck Sizers achieve up to four. The machine is compact and simple and its power requirement low, so maintenance is minimal, while its noise levels are significantly lower than those of conventional screens.

Screen meshes of progressively smaller apertures are mounted in the compact, vibrating frame of the Mogensen Sizer at increasingly steep angles. The apparent opening through which the particles fall vertically is much smaller than the actual aperture due to the slope of the screen. In other words, the Mogensen Sizer makes a separation at a given size using a mesh aperture of greater size. The extraordinarily simple concept means that material flows freely, rapidly and vertically through the meshes, whereas in conventional screens, bed congestion easily occurs as process material is conveyed slowly and more or less horizontally along the screen deck.

The large apertures of the Mogensen Sizer from HMA Materials Handling greatly reduces the risk of pegging and blinding. The rapid, vertical movement of most of the material gives our Mogensen Sizer its large capacity in relation to machine size. The smallness of the machine means that it is easier to dustproof.

Its small size, compared with conventional screens of the same capacity, and the fact that it is not unnecessarily being used to convey process material allows for the installed horsepower to be small. Energy is not wasted as gravity does most of the work. The operating principle improves process efficiency and capacity and extends the range of materials that may be successfully handled, namely dry, moist, wet, hot, abrasive, awkwardly-shaped and sticky. Mesh replacement costs are also reduced as heavy, coarse materials do not come into contact with the finer meshes.