Mogensen Single Deck Vibratory Enclosed Screens ESRSL

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Mogensen Single-Deck Enclosed Screens from HMA Materials Handling are designed to give efficient separation of a wide variety of materials. Although mainly intended for the food and beverage, chemical and process industries, depending on the application, they are capable of handling coarser materials such as crushed stone and gravel, etc.

Screen capacities vary considerably depending on the type of material and separation size required. HMA Materials Handling can be consulted on tonnage, separation size and approximate material analysis. Although the Mogensen screens from HMA Materials Handling can be supplied with suspension mountings, it is preferable for them to be base-mounted as they are then more stable and less likely to suffer from lateral movement.

When installed, it is necessary for a minimum clearance of 50 mm to be maintained between the screens and adjacent steelwork. Feed arrangements to the Mogensen screens from HMA Materials Handling should ensure an even spread of materials (without any hopper loading), preferably directed onto the replaceable wear plate provided. All types of screen cloths can be fitted, including rubber, plastic, perforated plates and wedge wire.

The Mogensen screens from HMA Materials Handling are fully enclosed, with quick-release Velcro covers and flanged inlets and outlets to utilise dust encapsulation systems. The screens are constructed from good-quality steel plate and can be galvanised if required. Alternatively, the Mogensen screens from HMA Materials Handling can be constructed entirely from stainless steel as an option.

Dustproof and weatherproof electric out of balance Invicta vibrators, fitted with large roller bearings and totally enclosed, provide reliable trouble-free drives for intermittent and continuously rated duties. Certain sizes of vibrators can be supplied flame-proof certified for Groups 2A and 2B gases. The vibrators from HMA Materials Handling are designed to operate from a three-phase 50 cycle supply at up to 650 V.