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MAT-DS-0051 Jet Slinger

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“The HMA Materials Handling Jet Slinger range is designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of our customers. It can increase capacity and flexibility within existing ship loading and stockpiling facilities at a low capital cost. Increased return on investment for operators of ship loading facilities and their customers alike is achievable with the HMA Materials Handling Jet Slinger range through improved ship loading times and increased load volume.

Our standard range includes models from light transportable units, commonly used in container loading facilities, through to high-volume and high-speed models used for bulk materials handling, mine site stockpiling and the largest of bulk carrier ship loading facilities. The HMA Materials Handling Jet Slinger range is at the forefront of advanced engineering. Quality design & reliability makes this a must-have piece of equipment in today’s bulk product handling facilities.

The HMA Materials Handling Jet Slinger chute is manufactured without internal ledges, thereby assisting in preventing material hang-up. Combining this feature with our expanding flow design provides additional insurance against chute blockage compared to traditional designs. HMA Materials Handling’s Jet Slinger chute body is manufactured from corrosion-resistant steel, offering a superior level of product flow and wear resistance. Lining options including thermoplastics and ceramics that can be applied for handling highly-abrasive materials.

HMA Materials Handling Jet Slingers are manufactured with customer-specific requirements in mind. Customer requests as diverse as reduced weight through to altered product settling characteristics can be accommodated. Readily available options include:

  • Integral maintenance platforms
  • Slinger-mounted trolley and winch system for maintenance positioning
  • Cable guidance system from fixed structure from across the slew ring to the Jet Singer terminal box
  • Remote operational control from deck level of all system functions
  • Lightweight construction using alternative materials
  • Quick coupling to allow for the rapid transfer between compatible telescopic chute and spoon chute combinations

Material deflector and roller deflector combinations designed to enhance product flight characteristics