Gantry Cranes

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Techniplan has supplied a special purpose high-performance gantry crane to transport sleepers as part of a track strengthening project. The Techniplan gantry crane brings new concrete sleepers from sleeper transport wagons to a track layer and then returns with old timber sleepers to the wagons. The crane carries 16 concrete sleepers at a time in a specially designed spreader frame. The sleepers are picked up from a range of heights using an automatic sequence, and then the crane travels at approximately 3 m/second along the train of sleeper wagons to the track layer.

The gantry crane is mounted on eight wheels arranged in four two wheel bogies. All wheels are chain driven by two independent hydrostatic transmission circuits. Braking is provided by a combination of hydrodynamic regenerative braking and fail-safe multi-disc hydraulic brakes acting directly on the wheel treads. Hoisting is provided by two hydraulic cylinders acting through leaf chains in 1:2 ratio, similar to a forklift system. The spreader frame incorporates hydraulic telescoping side clamping mechanisms for lifting the sleepers. While travelling, the spreader frame with sleepers is mechanically latched to the gantry crane frame.

The crane is powered by a Detroit 4.53T turbocharged diesel developing 140 KW at 2500rpm. Tractive power is provided through dual piston pumps, with a further vane pump providing hydraulic power to all other functions. The crane is operated from an ergonomically designed cabin, using a PLC to control the hydraulic systems. Several interlocks prevent machine functions from operating in a dangerous manner, thereby ensuring a safe workplace.

A previous gantry crane was unable to negotiate the full range of transition geometries between wagons and often derailed at these points. To overcome this difficulty, Techniplan incorporated a rock axle three point suspension. The gantry crane is a fine example of Techniplan’s ability to design and develop complex materials handling machinery on a custom designed prototype basis. The project was undertaken on a fixed price, lump sum basis and completed within 26 weeks.

  • Machine weight
  • 12 tonnes
  • Safe Working Load
  • 7 tonnes
  • Installed Power
  • 140 KW
  • Travel Speed
  • 3 m/sec
  • Sleeper loading
  • 16 x 250 Kgs
  • Cycle time
  • 120 seconds
  • Production rate
  • 10 sleepers/m