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MAT-DS-0009 Drawdown Hoppers

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The Carman Vibratory Drawdown Hopper from HMA Materials Handling is designed for all types of outdoor storage piles. The discharger’s Projection Ring transmits vibrations throughout the pile, encouraging ‘slough-in’. Wet and frozen materials such as coal, potash, salt and aggregate come to life and flow from outside storage reclaim piles.

The Carman Vibratory Drawdown Hopper from HMA Materials Handling is located at ground level below the stockpile, providing the initial flow stimulation. Once product movement is established, the flow rate is regulated by the Flow Control Gate. Overall control is achieved by linking a downstream belt weigher to the Flow Control Gate operation. This system from HMA Materials Handling can provide 80% more live reclaim compared to a static hole, and is a very effective and cost-efficient method of stockpile reclaim.

The benefits of this gate from HMA Materials Handling include:

  • Reduced reclaim chamber head height (by over 2 m). This reduces excavation and concrete structure costs
  • Reduced capital cost by 50%
  • Non-stop infinite modulating control. Hydraulic power source allows instant flow rate change in response to weigh scale signals
  • Easy, low maintenance (no rollers). This gate uses low-friction HD polymer blocks with a long lifespan
  • Fail-safe close: A hydraulic accumulator immediately closes the Flow Control Gate in the event of power failure, pending a restart