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MAT-DS-0007 DivergatorĀ®

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The HMA Materials Handling Mogensen Divergator is a patented static grizzly screen. Due to its design it is non-blinding and self-cleaning. It contains no moving parts, consisting of a system of bars arranged in two planes set at an angle to each other. Alternate bars are set in alternate planes, that is one up and one down. The effective spacing between the bars becomes progressively greater along the length of the bars, hence its self-cleaning properties. The HMA Materials Handling Mogensen Divergator usually does not make very sharp separations. An exception would be the case in which a small quantity of coarse oversize material has to be removed from a product.

The HMA Materials Handling Mogensen Divergator is normally used as follows:

  • To protect a crusher (that is, remove fines which do not need to be crushed)
  • To protect a vibrating screen from very coarse material
  • To make products inexpensively in cases when the separations required are not very sharp
  • As a simple and effective shedder plate for conveyor belt protection

Divergators may be used individually to suit a particular problem and location. They have been installed in various sizes ranging from 0.5 m to 3 m wide. They should be installed so that it is possible to adjust the slope. Divergators are normally supplied with side plates. They may be fed using conveyors, feeders or mechanical shovels.