DED – Dragging Equipment Detection for the Rail Industry

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DED – Dragging Equipment Detection

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DED – Dragging Equipment Detection for the Rail Industry
The impact – style DED was designed to alleviate the problems associated with the traditional paddle style system. The stationary impact plates, situated between and outboard of the rail’s legs, are fitted with sensors that detect impact energy. An alarm is generated if the energy is sufficiently large, and the analogue nature of the sensors allows for configurable detection levels. The traditional paddle set, however, provides only an on or off signal, with no configurable detection level.
The main benefits of our DED systems include –

  • Microprocessor based system that can communicate with up to two DED systems that are installed at the same location.
  • Ability to identify impact location, I.e., Inner/Outer, Left/Right Hand side and wagon/bogie number.
  • Adjustable impact detection. I.e., Ability to adjust the activation level of detection remotely.
  • Only activates when a train is present which helps alleviate false triggers and minimises investigation time.

The other benefits of our systems include –

  • Microprocessor based systems.
  • The systems can be powered by either 240Vac, 24VDC, 12VDC or solar as an option.
  • Easy to use Dynamass program allowing for visual reference, setup & configuration, troubleshooting and real time adjustment of alert triggers.
  • Retrofit Technology.
  • Alarming and instant email alerts.
  • Remote access to the system via a cloud-based system (If required).
  • Ability to store data on your server directly if needed or our server can be provided as an option.
  • Ability to access the system remotely using a mobile network (3G/4G) to either adjust settings, configure impact alert levels or for troubleshooting and maintenance. We are also currently setting up the system to use of satellite communications for remote locations as well.