Ceramic Waste Recycling

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Industrial waste management constitutes one of the major global problems of our times. Recycling of non-biodegradable waste is particularly difficult. Ceramic waste has been classified in this group. Due to the fact, that biodegradation period of ceramic is very long (up to 4 thousand years) and ceramic industry waste constitutes significant share in the total production, the recycling of ceramic wastes is becoming a priority, as a result of an ever-increasing environmental awareness.

Ceramic waste require crushing prior to reuse, and although this recycling process involves initial investment and energy consumption to crush and mill the waste, there are examples of recycling initiatives that are economically viable. From a broad machine portfolio, MEKA has the possibility of providing extremely efficient technology which has as the final objective of the objective advantages in economic (raw material cost), technological (use of chamotte in the mixture without lengthening the grinding cycles) and environmental terms.

MEKA has developed various types of plants for the recovery of the following types of ceramic waste:

  • Wastes emerging from different stages of the production process, including forming, firing, glazing, grinding and polishing,
  • Wastes coming from the disposal of broken ceramic pieces,
  • Discarded wastes from sanitary ware industry, deemed inappropriate for sale, the defects in rejected wares include imperfect shapes, cracks, and visual damage to the glaze,


  • The targeted process of ceramic waste recycling relies on a great deal of process engineering know-how and experience. We are experts for the final processing stage, refinement of high quality end products,
  • From a broad machine portfolio, we find the optimal size crushing solution for customer-specific input materials, Impact crushing: MEKA Impact crushers range of application extends from the first to the third crushing stage. This results in a wide range of end products ready for sale.
  • Low operating and wear costs,
  • Superior machine technology,
  • Maximum operational reliability,
  • Best fit-in integration into the customer’s facility,


  • Thanks to MEKA’s full range, horizontal shaft impact crushers specifically designed to pre-crush the ceramic waste even with inlet dimensions up to 600mm, allowing perfect feeding to further crushing for the subsequent crushing phase. Impact crushers can be repurposed into impact mills for manufacturing fine grains by inserting an additional third breaker plate. This flexible solution allows you to benefit from excellent crushing results and respond to changing project requirements at any time.

Additional benefits at a glance:

  • Robust design,
  • Hydraulic breaker plate gap adjustment,
  • Quick and simple blowbar replacement,
  • Interchangeable wear parts,
  • Low maintenance requirements,
  • Vertical shaft impact crushers, on the other hand, thanks to their great efficiency are able to reduce ceramic waste into powder with a granulometric curve characterized by a high percentage of ultra-fine material. This solution makes it possible to use the outgoing powder (chamotte) directly in the phases subsequent grinding (both dry and wet).
  • In case it is necessary to have a strict screening control, fine material screens can also be included in the crushing circuit.