Blast Protection Mesh – GuardianCoil®

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MAT-DS-0029 Cascade Fabricoil Blast Protection
MAT-DS-0032 GuardianCoil Blast Mitigation

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Constructed to prevent loss of life and serious injury while being aesthetically-pleasing, GuardianCoil from HMA Materials Handling uses patent-pending technology that includes a metal mesh drapery positioned to catch debris in the event of an explosion that causes a window to implode. The mesh drapery allows natural light to pass and allows visibility through the window from the interior. Protection is provided by the mesh drapery as it stretches to absorb impact energy and encapsulates airborne debris while also allowing blast pressure to vent.

GuardianCoil from HMA Materials Handling is available in steel and stainless steel and in weave sizes from 1/4″” to 3/32″”. As all GuardianCoil products meet and exceed the GSA testing standards. The weave size is selected based on the aesthetic look desired. GuardianCoil meets several architectural requirements, including low maintenance, favourable strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to environmental exposure and simple installation. The drapery is also available in a variety of finishes for an aesthetic integration into the existing space.