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MAT-DS-0049 Bins Hoppers

Australia Tel: +61 (0)2 4389 6191
Indonesia Tel: +62 21 3040 4422
New Zealand Tel: +64 (0)7 850 2610
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HMA Materials Handling has designed, manufactured and installed a wide number of bins and hoppers up to 1500 t capacity for numerous customers across Australia and Indonesia. These bins have been used to store and convey materials such as iron ore, coal, aggregates and bauxite. Each system has been individually designed to suit end user requirements and/or needs from a safety, improved efficiency and wear mitigation standpoint. A full analysis of the bin and supporting structure is also undertaken, while the design complies with all relevant Australian standards.
In addition, consideration is given to the use of wear liners inside the bin as this increases the life expectancy of the bin. This is typically either a bolt-in solution or a fixed weld-in solution. The correct liner is carefully chosen and recommended by HMA Materials Handling personnel by means of an analysis of the process material, flow characteristics and vast industry experience of over 30 years. The bin or hopper can be combined with the range of flow control devices from HMA Materials Handling, such as gates, chutes or vibratory feeders to make it an integral part of your process.