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HMA Wear Solutions (Greenbank) introduced Cast Basalt Lining to the Australian market over 40 years ago and since then has offered a comprehensive range of abrasion- and corrosion-resistant lining products to combat erosion in bulk materials-handling in heavy industry.

Cast Basalt is formed from Volcanic rock that is crushed, cast, and annealed in a specialised process. This results in two exceptional qualities. Firstly, being many times higher in resistance to erosion than iron or steel and, secondly, it has a high degree of chemical resistance.

Cast Basalt can be used for the lining of pipework, chutes, bunkers, cyclones, and hoppers. It has become the global standard in areas such as ash slurry pipework, often used at fossil-fuel power stations. It is an all-round cost-effective and adaptable lining material that extends the life of equipment in pipe or tile form were affected by abrasion.

Cast Basalt is well-proven in a variety of industries as a cost-effective, long-lasting lining material used to extend the operating life of equipment manufactured or lined with lower-wearing materials such as steel, cast iron, rubber, and polyurethane. HMA Wear Solutions cast Basalt lined pipe offers extraordinary abrasion resistance to most acids and alkalis. Its manufacture is a specialised process, with HMA Wear Solutions having developed unique in-house techniques. As a result, HMA Wear Solutions cast Basalt has been widely adopted throughout the industry as the leading product for abrasive slurry and pneumatic product transfer applications. Contact us today to find out more.