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MAT-DS-0048 Apron Feeders

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HMA Materials Handling designs and manufactures a range of Reclaim and Apron Feeders used primarily in the mining industry to reclaim run-of-mine and product coal at mines or from the coal stockpiles at shipping terminals and power stations.

HMA Materials Handling Feeders are designed to be fed by either truck or dozer, without the need for large dump hoppers or underground reclaim tunnels. They are suited to smaller operations with lower feed rate requirements. When reclaiming coal from a stockpile or hopper, a large quantity of product must be fed onto a conveyor belt or other process equipment, making HMA Materials Handling Feeders a highly cost-effective solution.

HMA Materials Reclaim and Apron Feeders are an efficient way of reclaiming or feeding material in a wide variety of applications. Each feeder is custom-designed to suit the application and the feeding needs of our clients.

Design features include:
• Heavy-duty fabricated steel side frames, gusseted for rigidity
• Feed rates from 100 tph to 3000 tph per unit
• Robust construction for a mining environment
• Sealed operation to contain dust and prevent spillage
• Decks and chain runs lined with replaceable wear liners
• All drives directly mounted to the head shaft
• Available in hydraulic or mechanical drive
• Available in single or dual drag conveyor design
• Resistant to tramp feed
• Material can be fed via dozer, truck or front-end loader
• Roller chain and solid steel flight bars selected for each application
• Lubrication points piped to a common manifold for ease of maintenance
• Head and tail shaft assemblies are removable as units for easy replacement
• Fixed and relocatable designs available