Wyatt Liberty Venturi Meter (LVM)

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INS-DS-0119 Liberty Venturi Meter

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Wyatt Engineering’s Liberty Venturi Meter from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a differential-producing primary-flow element that accurately and repeatably measures the flows of liquids or gases in closed, full-pipe conditions. The cast iron Wyatt LVM from HMA INSTRUMENTATION incorporates an efficient hydraulic shape with static pressure taps in the throat and inlet sections. The LVM can be provided with either 125 or 250 PSI flanges.

The cast iron series is often used in municipal water and wastewater applications. Known for longevity of service with minimal maintenance, Wyatt LVM from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are ideal for metering potable water, sludge, slurries, as well as gases and clean fluids. The Wyatt LVM-C is uniquely designed for rate-of-flow control applications, while the LVM-S is designed to prevent clogging of the pressure taps for applications with solids-bearing fluids.