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INS-DS-0056 Wyatt Flow Nozzle

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Flow Nozzles from Wyatt and HMA INSTRUMENTATION are often used in flow measurement due to their reliable performance and tolerance to extremes in process and environmental conditions. They offer advantages over Orifice Plates in that they require less upstream piping, and incur lower permanent pressure loss. Accuracy can be sustained indefinitely since there are no sharp edges to wear.

Wyatt Engineering Flow Nozzles from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are used in various industries, particularly for steam flow in the power sector. Due to their long-documented history, flow-nozzle designs and installation requirements are known and recognised by national and international standards organisations.

Wyatt Engineering flow nozzles and metering runs from HMA INSTRUMENTATION are used in a variety of applications where extremes of pressure, temperature, or the aggressive nature of the fluid being metered, render other metering technologies unfeasible. Due to their long-term reliability and ease of installation, Wyatt nozzle products are commonly used as the differential pressure device for the measurement of the flow of fluids, especially for water, steam, air, and gases. Common installations include power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical processing facilities, and steam and condensate flows.