VesselCheck ST1 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

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INS-DS-0052 VesselCheck ST1

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An ultrasonic sensor is clamped or bonded to the outside base of the vessel. By timing how long it takes for an ultrasonic signal to reflect against the liquid surface from a transmitter, the system calculates the height of the liquid in the tank. Signals from the transducer are fed into the processor, and then output by means of a display or other industry-standard data signals. The package from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is supplied as a sensor/processor pair. A temperature-integrated ultrasonic probe (TIUP) is available to compensate for varying temperatures. The maximum measurement distance equals 3 000 mm.

Applications are refrigerant receivers (up to 2 000 mm), diesel tanks, beer tanks, pure water tanks, liquid chlorine tanks, and acid tanks. The main feature is that it is a truly non-invasive sensing technique, with sensors bonded to the outside of tank base. It fits tanks of most shapes and sizes, while various telemetry output and integrated temperature integrated sensors are available.