Vertical Float Level Switch (FLS Series)

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INS-DS-0005 Float Level Switch

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A versatile range of vertical float level switches available as top or side mount. These switches are used extensively throughout most industries, and offer switching options from single point through to multipoint systems. The flexibility of this product makes it a single solution for alarm and/or control requirements with high, low and intermediate levels available on the single device, making this an ideal product for storage tanks, pits, sumps and day tanks.

Floats are selected based on the density of the fluid and material compatibility and contain a permanent magnet which activates a hermetically sealed reed switch within the stem. Float travel is restricted by carefully placed float stops to ensure positive switch activation and accurate level detection.

Materials in contact with the liquid and vapours in the process include Stainless Steel or Polyophylene Methylene (POM) floats, Stainless Steel stems and process connections and aluminium terminal enclosure allowing the FLS to be compatible with most fluids. Available process connections are threaded or flanged as standard with special connections available on request. Total float travel is restricted by stops to ensure positive magnetic linkage with the reed switch. Hermetically sealed reed switch contacts within the stem change over as the float passes. Switch operation is therefore a direct reading of liquid level eliminating electronic and mechanical transmission or calibration errors found in other systems.

Typical applications are high and/or low alarm and pump control. Materials in contact with the liquid and vapours include stainless steel, or polyophylene methylene floats. Constructed with stainless steel stems and aluminium terminal enclosures. Stainless steel flanged or screwed connections allow adaptability to your existing tanks or design requirements