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INS-DS-0067 Temperature Pressure Level & Flow

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The range of chart recorders from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is ideal for accurate and reliable measurement across diverse industries, from gas transmission to oil and gas, refining and petrochemical, heat treatment, dairy, and plastics. These robust recorders are designed for flexibility, with interchangeable pressure and temperature systems that can be implemented simply and quickly in order to be able to meet multiple range requirements.

Mechanical Recorder (12″”): Clearscan
Provide for any combination of temperature, pressure, and flow (one, two, or three pen); 1% measurement accuracy; 12 inch chart sizes; panel, wall, pipe mounting, or portable options; battery or mechanical chart drive; robust and proven design; lightweight construction of under 10 kg; standard steel epoxy coated or a stainless steel case available for harsh environments; and simple installation and maintenance.

Mechanical Recorder (9″”): RPO/RTO
Features include any combination of pressure and temperature recording (one, two, or three pen); a small yet tough and compact steel epoxy coated case; 1% measurement accuracy; 9 inch chart sizes; panel, wall, and pipe mounting or portable options available; battery or mechanical chart drive; robust and proven design; and a low-cost solution for chart recording.