TD-500D Hand Held Oil in Water Analyser

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INS-DS-0078 TD 500D

INS-FL-0001 Oil In Water

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The TD-500D Hand Held Oil in Water Analyser from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is the lowest-cost, most user-friendly, accurate, and repeatable oil-in-water and oil-in-soil analyser on the market, compatible with all popular extraction solvents. It measures crude oil and gas condensates, diesel, lube oil, hydraulic fluids, and fuel oil. Applications include produced water, industrial wastewater, oil spill response, leak detection, and oil in soil.

Features include fluorescence technology, a dual channel to reduce operator error for high concentrations by extending the measurement range without dilution. Channel A is for gas condensates and refined hydrocarbons, while Channel B is for crude oil with a greatly increased measurement range (> 1 000 ppm) without sample dilution. The analysis procedure is fast at <4 minutes/sample, while it is compatible with all popular extraction solvents or the no-solvent method. The minimum detection limit is <1 ppm for most oils. Portable and handheld and weighing only 400 g, the analyser is accurate and highly repeatable, with no interference from methanol. It correlates to standard laboratory gravimetric and IR
methods in most applications.