The R Series Right Angle Bevel Gearbox from STM, distributed by HMA Flow & Industrial, is considered to be the ultimate ‘mitre box’ due to its modular design. Features include six machined sides; flange, torque arm, foot, and shaft outputs; and shaft, coupled flange, and close flange inputs in order to access the 1, 2.5, 5, and 10:1 ratios for a range of right-angle drive applications.

A high-efficiency, quiet, and maintenance-free Gleason spiral-bevel set fit inside of a gasket-free modular gear case made from engineered cast iron gives any machine designer peace of mind. The spiral bevel Gleason machined gears are highly efficient, and have an excellent thermal rating, running in synthetic lubricants.

An angular backlash of 12 ~ 20 arc minutes is standard, with a reduced backlash of <8 arc minutes available for precision motion-control applications. The Tramec R spiral bevel reducers are available in five standard sizes from 19 mm to 48 mm.