SKR Reverse Buckling Rupture Disks

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INS-DS-0020 BSB Rupture Disks

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The SKR Reverse Buckling Rupture Disks from BS&B and HMA INSTRUMENTATION are designed to offer superior flow for both gas and liquid applications. The SKR buckling disks have a scored line around the outer circumference of the downstream side of the domed area of the disk. At a predetermined pressure, the disk dome inverts and opens by shearing around the score line. The SKR uses Structural Apex Forming, allowing for very low burst pressures to be achieved, with excellent opening characteristics. Fragmentation is avoided by an integrated hinge built into the disk support ring.

Features include a single disk design for gas and liquid service, low-to-high burst pressures, available in standard or exotic materials, a long service life in pressure cycling or pulsating conditions, suitable for operating pressures up to 90% of the marked burst pressure, or 95% of the minimum burst pressure. Designed for non-fragmentation, the SKR disks can withstand full vacuum, and are ideal for relief valve isolation, with a three-dimensional tag indicating correct orientation and ASME or CE requirements.