Sika Series VHS/VH3 In-Line Flow Switch

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INS-DS-0253 Sika Flow Switches compressed

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The SIKA VMI 07 from HMA Instrumentation units are used in applications such as cooling processes in machine and plant engineering as well as in building services. The smart flow sensors of the induQ® series from HMA Instrumentation operate according to the induction principle. With regard to flow proportional output signals, two versions are available from HMA Instrumentation:

  • Frequency output signal (standard)
  • Analogue and frequency output signal (option)

The pulse rate can be configured at the factory. The induQ® sensors enable the flow measurement and volume flow measurement or dosing of electrically conductive liquids without any moving parts. These are the ideal flow sensors when accuracy and reliability are a must.

The VMZ.2 from HMA Instrumentation is a magnetic inductive flow sensor for electrically conductive liquids, designed especially for OEM applications. Thanks to the use of cost-optimised plastic components, the VMZ.2 is very reasonably priced, has a compact and lightweight design and is available for six flow ranges. Application areas include: Machine and plant engineering, cleaning processes and mobile applications.