Sika Series VES Thermal Flow Switch

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INS-DS-0314 Sika VES Thermal Flow Switch

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The SIKA VE Series calorimetric flow monitors from HMA Instrumentation are used to monitor flow rates with typical application areas such as protecting pumps against dry running, monitoring lubrication circuits, cooling and heating circuits and leak monitoring.

The flow monitor is easily screwed into the process pipe directly via a connection thread. As the measuring probe is available in two different lengths, a wide range of pipe sizes and wall thicknesses are covered.

The VES compact version flow sensor and corresponding switching transducer form a single unit. This means that flow can be monitored directly at the point of measurement. A potentiometer sets the output signal to the requested setpoint. When the flow rate fails to reach this limit, the transistor activates the output signal. A six-position LED array displays the proximity to the specified alarm point