Sigma EXL Reverse Buckling Rupture Disks

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INS-DS-0020 BSB Rupture Disks

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The Sigma EXL from BS&B and HMA INSTRUMENTATION has the highest operating pressure capability of any reverse buckling rupture disk. The patented design allows these disks to operate to 95% of the marked burst pressure (100% of minimum performance tolerance). The Sigma EXL rupture disks utilise Sta-Saf® technology (structural apex forming) to enhance burst pressure accuracy.

The BS&B Sta-Saf® system is the combination of solid-metal reverse buckling disks with pre-torqued safety heads. Fully vacuum resistant, it features SRB-7RS and SRB-7FS pre-torqued safety heads. The solid metal construction allows for optimum leak tightness. Designed for non-fragmentation, it is recommended for isolation of pressure relief valves. A metal tag provides product identification and traceability data, as well as code symbol stamps as appropriate.