Conex keyless shaft-to-hub connection, available from HMA Flow & Industrial, offers particular advantages. Traditional methods of shaft-to-hub connection are not satisfactory in many applications, mostly when frequent start-stopping-reversing is involved. Over time, the keyway engagement becomes less accurate due to mechanical wear.

Conex from HMA Flow & Industrial bridges the clearance between the shaft and the hub, and distributes the power transmission over the entire surface, while with a key connection the transmission is concentrated on a limited area only. Conex is a zero-backlash connection. This allows savings in materials because the shaft diameters can be made smaller, making Conex ideal for heavy transmissions, with overloads or continuous reversing.

Conex from HMA Flow & Industrial reduces the machining costs and eliminates all operations necessary for axial fixing of the hub and machining the keyway seats. This cost benefit can increase dramatically for small production batches.