SANILEC/SEACLOR Offshore Hypochlorite Generation

De Nora

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INS-DS-0232 DeNora SanilecĀ® Seawater Electrochlorination Systems
INS-DS-0233 DeNora Seaclor Seawater Electronichlorination Systems

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SANILEC/SEACLOR from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is ideal for the on-site generation of hypochlorite from raw seawater. The technology has demonstrated reliable, economic, and low-maintenance operation in numerous global installations. The process is based on the partial electrolysis of sodium chloride contained in raw seawater. The seawater enters the electrolyser, equipped with electrodes energised under direct anodic and cathodic current.

Pressurised seawater is delivered to the SANILEC/SEACLOR system from HMA INSTRUMENTATION, where it is strained to 0.8 mm in order to remove suspended solids. The seawater passes through a manual valve, a flow orifice (passive type), and a flow transmitter that provides local indication and low flow shutdown. The seawater then passes through the electrolyser cell, exiting as sodium hypochlorite solution and hydrogen as a by-product.

Seawater Electrochlorination

SANILEC seawater electrochlorination systems

The SANILEC seawater electrochlorination systems from De Nora, available from HMA INSTRUMENTATION, are a reliable and economic solution for industrial biofouling control. The electrochlorination process is straightforward, combining three common consumables (salt, water, and electricity) to generate a disinfecting agent. SANILEC systems can be provided in any capacity to meet customer and application-specific needs.