Rototherm Series MSRP Multistage Orifice Plate Assembly Flow Elements

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INS-DS-0044 Multistage Restriction Orifice Assembly

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Rototherm restriction orifice plates from HMA Instrumentation are used widely for managing pressure drops and to control flow rates by restricting flow, regardless of downstream conditions. For high pressure and/or high noise applications, multi-stage restriction orifice assemblies are becoming increasingly common as a proven solution, demonstrating their ability to prevent cavitation, critical flow and flashing from occurring.

Rototherm has built up significant experience and expertise within this area, and have a vast array of installations worldwide on offshore platforms, FPSOs, LNG plants and mines. Users have selected Rototherm restriction orifice plates from HMA Instrumentation based on its design and application knowledge, uncompromising quality, proven project delivery and industry-leading machining and welding capability. Leading global users include oil and gas production, LNG production and mining.

Rototherm has become a world leader in the niche area of multi-stage restriction orifice assemblies, which requires a great deal of technical understanding and experience within specific applications to ensure the right solution is designed and manufactured to meet the pressure drop requirements. Typically, multi-stages are poorly understood due to a lack of understanding of the application and design requirements for both ISO5167 and limitations of pressure drops in multiple steps.