The RLS Reverse Buckling Rupture Disks from BS&B and HMA INSTRUMENTATION are precision circular scored reverse buckling type disks. When an overpressure event occurs, these solid-metal, domed disks invert and open along a pre-weakened scored circumferential line on the downstream side of the disk. A patented hinge that is welded to the disk assists in the relief opening, and also retains the disk, preventing fragmentation at all burst pressures.

These disks are suitable for gas and full liquid service, are designed for non-fragmentation, and can withstand full vacuum. They are suitable for operating pressure to 90% of the marked burst pressure and 95% of the minimum burst pressure (CEN ISO 4126-2 standard pending). In addition, they provide optimum fatigue resistance in pressure pulsating or cycling conditions, and are recommended for safety relief valve isolation.