Reflex Level Gauge

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Reflex Level Gauge 1000

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Reflex Level Gauge

Simco Reflex liquid level gauges are designed to operate based on the difference in the refractive indices of liquid and vapour. The liquid flows through the gauge chamber behind the viewing glass located on only one side of the instrument and which is clamped to the gauge body. The viewing glass is made from toughened borosilicate glass and has prismatic right-angled grooves on the side facing the liquid and vapour space. Light entering from outside the gauge is then absorbed or reflected depending upon whether it strikes the liquid or vapour space. When liquid is present the glass will appear black where it is in contact with the process medium and when no liquid is present the glass is silvery / white thus the level can be seen.

This type of gauge is used for measuring the total liquid level of clean fluids in a vessel.