Radar Level Transmitter (Liquid)

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INS-DS-0022 Radar Level Transmitter

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Highly Accurate Non-contact Measurement

Matsushima’s pulse radar type microwave level meter enables easy and accurate operation from on-site maintenance to complex system adjustment by remote operation.

  • Resolution: 1 mm
  • Accuracy : ±0.25% or ±6 mm

Excellent Flexibility for Diverse Applications

The microwave level meter can carry out measurement not only with fine powder, solid or liquid but also in a reaction furnace of high temperature or under an environment with corrosive gases. The microwave level meter incorporates our own latest data processing method. It can automatically cancel many information items upon interruption of the measurement such as by the influence of floating dust, vapor or charged materials reflection wave so that stable and highly
accurate measurement has been achieved even under adverse environment.

Highly Reliable and Safe

Microwaves are very weak wave so that it does not influence the human body, ambient environment, peripheral devices or measuring objects. Non-contact measurement is free from the possibility of adhesion or corrosion so that it can be utilized in a wide range of applications such as food or chemistry.

Maintenance Free

The microwave level meter contains the self-diagnostic function and informs you of a measurement error of the level meter as soon as possible. Aluminum die-cast is used for the housing, while the antenna section is made of stainless steel to secure sufficient strength and durability.

The Matsushima Radar Level Transmitter from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is manufactured domestically from software to hardware, meaning it can be delivered quickly with stable supply, and also be supported with quick and efficient maintenance. Matsushima has 60 years’ experience in measurement control, which customers can tap into regarding installation in a range of facilities.