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INS-DS-0067 Temperature Pressure Level & Flow

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Chart recorders from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can be used to record and control temperature, pressure, humidity, and flow. We have an extensive range of chart recorders and controllers that include programmable microprocessor electric-input recorder controllers, and a range of mechanical recorders for temperature, pressure, humidity, and flow, with options for electrical or pneumatic control.

Features include temperature, pressure, flow and humidity, rugged design and construction, accurate and reliable measuring systems, up to three recording pens, simple installation and maintenance, a fully mechanical version is available, a choice of mounting options (wall/panel/portable/2″” pipe), electrical and pneumatic control options, and a variety of spares and consumables to choose from.


  • Temperature, Pressure, Flow & Humidity
  • Rugged design & construction
  • Accurate & reliable measuring systems
  • Up to 3 recording pens
  • Simple installation & maintenance required
  • Fully mechanical versions available
  • Choice of mounting options – wall / panel / portable / 2Ó pipe
  • Electrical and pneumatic control options
  • Spares and consumables widely available