Pneumatic Purge Contents Gauges

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INS-DS-0224 Measurement Resources Pneumatic Purge Contents Gauge Series 160

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The Measurement Resources Pneumatic Purge Contents Gauge 160 Series from HMA INSTRUMENTATION utilises the well-proven bubbler (air reaction) technique to measure liquid level and/or contents. There are two standard versions for different application and site considerations. The operating principle is the fact that back pressure in an air-purged tube within the tank balances the hydrostatic liquid head. The resultant pressure is applied to the indicator, providing a read-out in preferred engineering units.

The Measurement Resources 160C from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is used where constant indication is needed. It can monitor one to four levels by means of integral tank selector switching. The 160M serves application where there is no constant air supply, with occasional spot reading only required. Both models incorporate a hand-calibrated indicator graduated in any preferred units of mass, head, or volume.