Panametrics Sampling Systems for Gas and Moisture Analysers

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INS-DS-0125 Sample Systems

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Baker Hughes Sampling Systems from HMA INSTRUMENTATION enhance the performance of an analyser by providing sample gas to the analyser at optimal pressure, temperature, flow rate, and cleanliness. Designed specifically for hazardous environments, and for use with Panametrics analysers, Panametrics sample-handling systems reduce cost and downtime by providing better accuracy and reliability of measurement, extending analyser life, limiting analyser maintenance and associated parts and labour, and facilitating field calibration.

Sample-handling systems are essential for achieving top performance from gas and moisture analyser systems. Baker Hughes moisture and gas analysers can be combined with off-the-shelf or custom-designed BH sample-handling technology for a reliable, accurate, and low-maintenance measurement system. To obtain the right sample system for your unique application, contact our analyser application experts at HMA INSTRUMENTATION.