Panametrics PanaFlow XGM868i Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

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GE Pananmetrics XGM868i

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The Baker Hughes Panametrics PanaFlow DigitalFLow XGM868i gas flow transmitter from HMA Instrumentation is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for the measurement of most gases, including hydrocarbon gases, vent gases, biogases, digester gases, fuel gases, waste gases, incinerator air flow, vapour recovery, stack gases and other gases. It is designed to measure the flow rate of virtually any gas.

The BH Panametrics PanaFlow XGM868i ultrasonic gas flow meter from HMA Instrumentation offers a unique combination of rangeability, ease of installation, low maintenance and accuracy in a low-cost transmitter. This state-of-the-art flow meter shares many of the advantages offered by the GE line of innovative ultrasonic flow meters available from HMA Instrumentation. All electronic components are housed in a compact transmitter package that can be installed right at the flow measurement point. This greatly simplifies wiring of the transducers and results in trouble-free operation.

In addition to the standard single-channel model, an optional two-channel model provides enhanced accuracy when measuring two paths on a single pipe. It can also be used to measure a single path of two pipes. Unlike conventional flow meters, the BH Panametrics PanaFlow XGM868i transmitter can be used over a wide range of flow rates with any gas or pressures up to 240 bar. The turndown ratio is 1 500:1.