Panametrics PanaFlow GM868 Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

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GE Pananmetrics GM868

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The Baker Hughes Panametrics DigitalFlow PanaFlow GM868 flow meter from HMA Instrumentation uses the patented Correlation Transit-Time method of ultrasonic flow measurement to provide accurate, drift-free measurements, without impeding or obstructing the flow.

With its broad range of measurement velocities, and its ability to measure flow in any pipe from small to very large, one DigitalFlow GM868 meter from HMA Instrumentation does the job of several conventional meters. It handles pipes from 2.5 cm to 3 m in diameter and velocities from 0.03 to 46 m/s) in either direction, and in steady or pulsating flow.

For maximum accuracy, a two-channel meter can be used to measure along two different paths at the same location. A two-channel meter can also measure the flow in two separate pipes or at two different places in the same pipe. The BH Panametrics DigitalFlow PanaFlow GM868 flow meter from HMA Instrumentation makes it easy to send the data where it needs to go, through the standard digital output, standard or optional analogue outputs or optional alarms. All outputs are conveniently set up and calibrated from the keypad or from a computer using the PanaView program.

The DigitalFlow GM868 flow transmitter is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for the measurement of most gases, including:

  • Hydrocarbon gases
  • Vent gases
  • Biogases
  • Digester gases
  • Fuel gases
  • Waste gases
  • Incinerator air flow
  • Vapour recovery
  • Stack gases
  • Other gases