Panametrics PanaFlow GF868 Ultrasonic Flare Flowmeters

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GE Pananmetrics GF868

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The DigitalFlow GF868 Panametrics flare gas mass ultrasonic flow meter with extended performance range from Baker Hughes, distributed by HMA Instrumentation, uses the patented Correlation Transit-Time technique, digital signal processing and an accurate method of calculating molecular weight. Add to these features, the inherent advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement include high reliability with no routine maintenance, high accuracy, fast response and wide rangeability, making it the clear choice for flare gas applications.


The DigitalFlow GF868 Panametrics flare gas mass ultrasonic flow meter from HMA Instrumentation is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for:

Flare gas

  • Track down or prevent losses from leakage with positive material identification
  • Account for total plant throughput of material
  • Reduce cost of steam usage with proportional control
  • Conserve energy by eliminating unnecessary flaring
  • Comply with government regulations for pollution control

Vent gas

Hydrocarbon gases


Digester gases

Features include:

  • Measures velocity, volumetric and mass flow
  • Standard velocity range to 100 m/s standard
  • Extended velocity range to 120 m/s
  • Measures instantaneous average molecular weight
  • Measures hydrocarbon gases
  • Self-calibration check assures accurate worry-free operation
  • Delivers accurate flow rate, independent of gas composition
  • Measures very low to very high velocity
  • Field-proven installation techniques
  • Built-in totalisers
  • Built-in power supply for pressure and temperature transmitters
  • 4 000:1 turndown ratio
  • One- or two-channel/path configurations”