The Baker Hughes Panametrics Moisture.IQ Analyser from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is the multi-channel, multi-function flagship model in the IQ Series of Panametrics aluminium oxide-based moisture analysers. The Moisture.IQ measures trace moisture pressure and temperature in non-aqueous liquids and gases. It accepts inputs from electrochemical sensors for measuring oxygen concentration in gases. The auxiliary inputs can accept analogue inputs from any transmitter with 0/4 to 20 mA or –1 to +4 V output, including a variety of Baker Hughes process control instruments. This feature makes the Moisture.IQ a true multi-function analyser, allowing for cost-savings through system integration.

For additional cost-savings, the Moisture.IQ is available with two module bays. Each can accept a one-channel or a three-channel module. With up to six sets of sensors coming to one set of electronics, customers can reduce their cost per measurement point significantly. Designed with an industrial touch-screen display, the graphical user interface is intuitive enough to negate the need for a user’s manual, although one is provided. Six or 12 measurements can be displayed at any one time. Multiple display pages can be set up for easy scrolling. A colour-coded status provides measurement alarm information at a glance.