Panametrics M Series – Aluminium Oxide Moisture Sensor Probe

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INS-DS-0147 M Series Moisture Probes

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The Baker Hughes Panametrics M series Aluminium Oxide Moisture Probe from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a Panametrics product. Panametrics aluminium oxide moisture probes have set the standard of performance and value in industrial moisture measurement for more than 40 years. In use, the Moisture Image Series probe is coupled to Panametrics hygrometer consoles by an interconnecting cable. Ease of use, a wide measurement range, and rigorous calibration standards make these systems the preferred choice for industrial moisture measurement worldwide.

Pressure range is from vacuum up to 5000 psig (345 bar) with no minimum flow requirements. Sample cells make M Series probes easy to install, and the cells are available in general purpose, Type 4 weatherproof, and Type 7 explosion-proof housing.

The aluminium oxide sensor of each Panametrics M series Aluminium Oxide Moisture Probe from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is individually calibrated in one of the world’s most advanced moisture calibration facilities. Developed over several decades, this facility generates precisely known moisture concentrations, traceable to the NIST/NPL, to which each sensor is exposed during the calibration process.

All data is gathered and stored by a dedicated computer system. Calibrations are repeated over a period of many months to ensure the stability of each individual moisture probe. Only those probes that meet Baker Hughes’ demanding specifications for accuracy and stability are shipped to