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Early innovations in flare measurement by Baker Hughes Panametrics have evolved extensively over the years. It works with its customers to efficiently control flares with flare.IQ, an advanced process control algorithm and its ultrasonic flow meters and services.

It begins with extensive knowledge of flare applications and how the ultrasonic meter provides more than just flow information. For over four decades, Panametrics has used ultrasonic meters to provide a better way to measure applications. However, the unique requirements of today’s flare gas applications now require many of the benefits offered by the innovative flare.IQ process.
Panametrics, distributed by HMA Instrumentation, has developed a unique ultrasonic meter that manages low-end flow for normal operation and continues to measure flow during adverse conditions, where the flow range would exceed conventional technologies. The meter has no restrictions and eliminates backpressure that can cause safety issues in flares. It can also determine the molecular weight of hydrocarbon gas, yielding a mass flow measurement that identifies which type of gas is flaring.

Today the need for flare systems has moved beyond understanding the flow and knowing the bulk molecular weight. Growing public pressure to lessen the environmental impact of emissions, especially gases like methane, now demands efficient combustion and accurate meter measurements.

Panametrics from HMA Instrumentation has solved this challenge, integrating diagnostics from the flare meter with new advanced process control algorithms to determine flare gas BTU content. Many base-line conditions exhibit numbers from 75% to 90%, depending on the control schemes. The Panametrics, however, now achieves 98% CE of control flare assist systems.