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The Baker Hughes flare.IQ from HMA Instrumentation is a complete turnkey hardware and software solution to meet RSR 63.670 compliance.

Passed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in December 2015, the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Petroleum Refinery Sector Rule (RSR) Part 63.670 required refiners to be in full compliance by 30 January 2019. The rules apply mainly to flow measurement and burn efficiency of a flare and include many key provisions.

Fully equipped with the software algorithms required, there is no need for additional long-term development work. The software-based solution is housed in a convenient QNX-based industrial controller that interfaces easily and seamlessly via Modbus TCP/IP. With flare.IQ, the flare system can be controlled to operate within the requirements of RSR 63.670. Baker Hughes will certify that flare.IQ provisional setpoints comply with the requirements of RSR 63.670 upon completion of successful start-up and commissioning.

HMA Instrumentation’s flare.IQ is pre-programmed with all required algorithms necessary to address the most difficult aspects of proper flare control. The SmartSteam control algorithm can be customised to the unique fingerprint of each flare system. The program uses predictive modelling to draw correlations between flare flow conditions and the required steam input to operate with no visible emissions.

HMA Instrumentation’s flare.IQ also employs patented technology to address BTU measurement latency resulting from gas chromatograph (GC) technology. The BTU readings of the flare flow system obtained by GC are a critical input to achieve the required destruction efficiency in the flare combustion zone. It uses sound speed to help bridge the GC’s infrequent BTU readings with near-continuous feedback, improving operator control of the entire flare system.