Panametrics Aurora TransPort TDLAS Portable Moisture Analyser

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INS-DS-0275 TransPort Aurora

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The Panametrics TransPort Aurora from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a series of moisture analysers that deploy tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) to rapidly and accurately measure moisture in a variety of background gases. The TransPort Aurora is a battery-operated, movable analyser that can be taken into the field to directly measure the moisture content of natural gas and other process gases. The unit is assembled into a rugged and transportable case, with a telescoping handle and wheels.

The patented temperature and pressure compensated TDLAS provides repeatable, accurate, and drift-free moisture measurement, with rapid response. The Panametrics TransPort Aurora from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is ideal for spot-checking the performance of natural gas processing and drying systems, gas storage facilities, compression stations, refinery processes, heat-treating furnaces, instrument air, and more. It is ideal for field verification of permanently installed moisture analysers and transmitters.