Panametrics air.IQ Moisture Analyzer

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INS-DS-103 Ge Panametrics air.IQ

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The Baker Hughes Panametrics air.IQ Moisture Analyser from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is designed for moisture measurement in any inert gas application, and in industrial environments classified as safe areas, where the process gas pressure is slightly positive to a maximum of 200 psig. It combines the Panametrics dew.IQ and IQ.probe with 50 years of sample system design to deliver the moisture measurement that customers have come to trust. Markets and applications include industrial gas, air dryer/clean dry air, plastics drying, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and power generation.

The Baker Hughes Panametrics air.IQ from HMA INSTRUMENTATION simplifies the selection and installation of moisture analysers. Simply install the moisture probe, wire the power and outputs to the terminal strip, and connect your gas to the inlet fitting. The wall-mounted NEMA 4X package includes the analyser display, moisture probe, interconnecting cable, and sample system providing isolation, filtration, pressure, and flow indication, pre-wired.