Overtank Level Gauge

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INS-DS-0244 KSR Kuebler Level Measurement

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The Overtank Level Gauge indicator from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is one of the simplest and most robust methods of monitoring liquid level. A chamber is mounted on top of a tank or container by means of a single process connection. The chamber contains a permanent magnetic system operated by the float inside the tank. The concentrated magnetic field produced travels through the chamber wall to an externally-mounted roller indicator. Along with the roller indicator, the Overtake Level Gauges from HMA INSTRUMENTATION can also be equipped with magnetic switches and level transmitters (either a magnetostrictive or reed type).

KSR Magnetic Level Indicators/Gauges
The KSR Magnetic Level Indicators/Gauges from HMA INSTRUMENTATION feature a communicating bypass chamber flanged to the side of a vessel. As the liquid level in the tank rises or falls, a float with a built-in magnetic system inside the chamber rises or falls along with it. The chamber is completely sealed so that the only moving part of the apparatus in contact with the liquid is the float itself.

The KSR Magnetic Roller Display is on the ‘dry side’ of the chamber, a column of magnetic rollers that are white on one side and red on the other. The rollers are made from MRA plastic or MRK ceramics, with a distance of 10 mm between the axes. As the float moves up or down, the bunched field of the permanent magnet mounted in its top section ‘pulls’ the rollers through a 180° rotation, thus changing their colour. As the float rises, the rollers turn from white to red. As the float falls, they change back to white again. This means that, at any given time, the quantity of liquid in the tank is represented constantly by a red column, without any external power supply.

The simple, robust, and solid design features pressure- and gas-proof separation of the chamber and display. The KSR Magnetic Level Indicators/Gauges from HMA INSTRUMENTATION measure and indicate the level of aggressive, combustible, toxic, hot, agitated, and contaminated liquids. Corrosion-resistant construction materials make these gauges ideal for application in all industries. Pressure ranges from vacuum to 420 bar can be accommodated, and temperatures from -160°C to +450°C. Special food industry, interface measurement, and enamelled designs are also available.