Nucleonic Non-Contact Material Weighing

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INS-DS-0143 Ronan X96S Non Contact Weighing

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Nucleonic Process Density Measurement Systems from HMA Instrumentation are mounted externally to the pipe via brackets, or internally in dry wells, and can be installed while the process is running. The instruments have no wetted parts, making them ideal for liquid processes where traditional contact technologies cannot be used.

Measurement is unaffected by internal obstructions, extreme process temperatures, caustic products, slurries, violent product flow, sterile process, or changing process. Features include external mounting to existing pipes with no bypass lines, and display in customer-specified units. Most applications utilise low-energy sources, push-button calibration, and an empty pipe monitor.

Ronan X96S Series Non-Contact Weighing System
The Ronan X96S Series Non-Contact Weighing System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is an economical approach for solids weighing on belt and screw conveyors. It is designed to deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of difficult applications and process conditions for bulk solids.

The Ronan X96S Series Non-Contact Weighing System utilises a single computer compatible with all Ronan detectors, easily expandable to measure the most complex processes accurately. These include the most dangerous materials such as caustic, toxic, corrosive, explosive, and carcinogenic materials, irrespective of their temperature. The modular design is ideal to upgrade older systems, while retaining the existing sources.

The entire Ronan X96S Series Non-Contact Weighing System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is mounted external to the conveyor, and can be installed by simply bolting the frame around the conveyor, without having to make any costly modifications to the conveyor itself. The lightweight, compact design of the Ronan X96S enables it to be located in areas where space is a limitation, and without the need for additional supports or foundations.

The Ronan X96S Process Measurement Computers are the most advanced, featuring the fastest processors in the radiametric gauging industry. The modular design allows for low-cost expansion of outputs and measurement variables. Calibration and configuration are in a simplified format, and can be achieved locally through push buttons on a liquid crystal graphic display, or remotely via industry-standard protocols.