New-Flow Series NFB Pitot Tube Primary Flow Elements

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INS-DS-0299 New Flow NFB Series

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The New-Flow Series NFB Pitot tube primary flow elements from HMA Instrumentation are used for flow measurement of large pipe sizes. A feature is a low permanent pressure loss for clean liquid or gas (vapour). There are many parallel holes located on the upstream and downstream of the probe. Fluid through the probe generates high pressure in the upstream and low pressure in the downstream.

The upstream readout average pressure is called total pressure (stagnation pressure), while the downstream readout average pressure is called static pressure. The device is inserted into a flow pipe probe to detect out high/low pressure for ^p transmitter or ^p gauge to indicate the flow rate.

Technical data:

  • The NFB Series is a flow element suitable for liquid steam and gas (vapour) flow measurement
  • The accuracy is ± 1 % of the flow rate
  • Repeatability of measurement is ± 0.1 %
  •  The flow rate turndown is typically 10:1
  • The maximum temperature limit is 420°C, dependant on the model and material
  • The maximum pressure limit is 1 500 psi, dependant on the model and material
  • Low permanent pressure loss
  • Bidirectional flow sensing.
  • Energy-saving