NED-GEAC-2000 Turbine Flame Sensor

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CU-123 NED GEAC 2000 Turbine Flame Sensor

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The Fireye NED-GEAC-2000 Turbine Sensor from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is designed and tested for for GE Frames 6F, 7F and 9F. With its state-of-the-art technology, it enhances the safety, reliability and performance of the turbine generator.

The NED-GEAC-2000 Turbine Flame Sensor responds to Ultraviolet optical energy from the flame (200-400 nanometers) and has a loop powered 4-20mA output representing flame brightness from a very low level. It is not sensitive to visible and IR emissions from hot walls. The Fireye design basis is a total separation of the optical sensing device from the turbine without the need for water or pressurized air cooling systems.