The standard MPB Series 7200 Variable Area Flow Meter has been designed to offer an economical solution for liquid flow measurements up to 1 m3/min (1 000 litres/min, 60 m3/h). It can be supplied with either BSPP or metric solvent socket weld connections.

Features include:

  • Excellent value and quality
  • Supplied in five lengths
  • High flow rates up to 1 000 litres/min water (60 m3/h)
  • Direct reading of instantaneous flow rates
  • Robust design
  • Easily-read scale
  • ABS threaded connections
  • Socket weld connections
  • The flow tube assembly can be removed easily from the flow meter for cleaning purposes
  • Easy installation and removal from the process line
  • Guided floats to give very stable readings
  • Materials of construction offer wide compatibility with a range of process mediums
  • Good standard working pressure ratings (up to 20 barg)
  • Scales suitable for seven-year exposure to direct sunlight
  • A 10:1 turn down

    Good standard corrosion resistance